It’s Always A Sale


You are always selling something, whether it’s a product, a service, an idea… or just yourself. In almost every situation you can imagine, you are selling.

Selling is not a bad thing, I love sales; I’ve worked in sales for many years. I love being sold to as much as I love selling to others – if I find an idea, product or service that I love, I will often slip into “sales mode” when I discuss it with friends or colleagues.

I think I’ve always enjoyed the excitement of selling something, the sense of solving problems, finding solutions and matching products to needs. I enjoy it even when there’s no cash exchanged or financial reward at the end – those times when I’m simply “selling” an idea or concept to someone.

Sometimes it’s easy to make an assumption that the person you are selling to has already bought into the idea or concept. But there will always be questions, concerns and fears. There will always be additional needs to consider in order to successfully complete the sale.

It’s important to never forget who the customer is, what they want, and what they need. There has to a focus on what their expectations are, what their fears are, and what their potential disappointments might be. Think about how you play this back to them, how you can show them that you understand how they think and how you’ll demonstrate that you’ve already anticipated the next question or concern.

Most importantly, of course, this applies to the sales conversations you have with yourself.

When the alarm goes off an hour earlier than normal, because you’ve told yourself the night before that you will get up earlier to exercise, or write, or just allow time for a healthier breakfast, what is the sales conversation you have with yourself? Have you fully described the benefits? Have you considered and understood your own objections, your own concerns? Have you anticipated the pitch you’ll need to make in order to overcome your own fears?

It’s exhilarating to make a sale, one that the customer wants and will benefit from, and one that you get the reward from.

The great thing about making a successful sale with yourself is that you get both the product and the fantastic feeling of making the sale. Yes, it’s still always a sale – but you’re also the reward.

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