Too many clouds in the sky block the sun, but too few and we burn. Clouds may frustrate us sometimes, but the right amount of cloud cover is just what’s needed to create the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

I was flying into Warsaw recently and a cabin crew member peeked out of my window to see what the weather was like. We were still above the clouds so we really had no idea what it was like below. From our vantage point the sun shone brightly against a pure blue sky. I took the picture above at that very moment.

But, as we began our descent, we quickly sank into the heart of a thick cloud.  As all visibility seemed to fade, I began to wonder how dense the cloud was. For a while it seemed that we were stuck, suspended mid-cloud. I didn’t know where I was, or how far from the ground I was, or what it would be like when I finally emerged from the cloud.

From time to time, we can all find ourselves suspended in the midst of a mental cloud. Things can happen in our lives that literally cloud our minds, fog our judgement, and obscure our intentions and actions. During these times it’s natural to feel disoriented. Lost. We can’t see the end of the cloud beneath us and we have no idea what the conditions will be like when we finally emerge from it. This can lead to anxiety, stress and in some cases depression.

Some clouds can be thicker than others. Some cause concern because of the turbulence they generate as we pass through them. Sometimes, even when we have passed through the cloud, the conditions below might be miserable. But clouds do clear, and the very same cloud that can cause confusion or despair can also reaffirm a sense of serenity when you see the setting of a situation or the rise of a new opportunity.

Things can happen in our lives that are beyond our control; they can have a negative impact, for a moment. For when it’s passed it will feel like only a moment. If you are in the midst of a cloud right now, remember that the sun is still shining above the clouds and that, in time, all clouds pass.

Image credit: Johnathan Laing


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