What Do You Really Care About?


We are often told what we should care about. We are regularly force-fed an agenda of what is important to us and what isn’t. We are told that the economy is something we should all care about, and be fearful about, and be protective of.

Whilst the 2008 economic crisis was very serious, we also talked ourselves into it. In the six months before the recession hit, the news reported that we were heading for a recession; as a result people stopped spending, people stopped planning holidays and purchasing cars, on the basis that there was a recession coming.

When it did hit, it hit us very hard. And lo and behold, the news reported that it hit us harder than expected because people had stopped spending, stopped planning holidays and purchasing cars! The economy will often take precedence in the news above so many other stories.

We are told what we should care about, we are told what we should know, we are told when we should be scared and even when we should feel joy.

There are many other priorities that we are fed on a daily and weekly basis, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether you do care about those things? If they really are important to you?

I find myself caring a great deal about the result of the American Presidential election, more than perhaps I should given that I don’t live in America. And whilst the US President is arguably the most powerful political position in the world, in reality the election outcome has no material impact on my day to day life or my ability to fulfil my potential and live the life I want. But, because I’m force-fed the news that places such value and importance on the topic, it leaves me concerned about the outcome and distracted from some of the tasks at hand.

It’s not to say we shouldn’t be interested, and care about the wider world around us, but it is easy to get caught up in what others tell us is important. It’s easy to get distracted from achieving our own brilliance and putting energy into living a fabulous life.

Take a moment and list the five most important things in your life. If you were writing the news, what headlines would you attach to those five things? How are those stories progressing? Create your own news, about what you really care about.

Don’t just follow the headlines, write them.

Image credit: Alejandro Alvarez | stocksnap.io

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