To Be Still…

A photo by Mathias Reed.

We are all on the move. The pace of life seems to be forever increasing. Life is fast, work is busy. Too much to do in too little time.

Our lives are a frenetic ball of activities bouncing from day to week, week to month, month to year. And it doesn’t ever seem to stop.

When was the last time you had a moment of pure stillness? A time when you didn’t need to be somewhere, do something, speak to someone? When you could just be still? Is it even possible to be truly still?

Perhaps stillness doesn’t really exist because everything is always moving. We are all on a giant rock hurtling at 66,000 miles per hour through space, and space itself is moving, as well as our galaxy which occupies that space. Our solar system is moving through space at nearly a million miles per hour. If you feel sometimes that you’re trying to get somewhere in a hurry, it’s nothing compared to our solar system!

Ultimately, stillness is relative to what is happening around you. To be still is about your reaction to what is happening around you, the action and activity you undertake in response to your environnment. Whether it’s work, family, friends, or just the “stuff” that makes up your life, how you react determines how still you can be.

And being still in this increasingly fast-moving world is becoming more and more vital, essential and precious. It may feel like a luxury for many. Maybe you feel you simply don’t have the time to be still; the pressure is too much, the work is mounting, the expectations don’t allow. Where would you find the time?!

The life is yours, the time is yours, do with it as you will.

Because when we are still we can listen, reflect, pause, understand, and choose. When we are still we give ourselves opportunity to look at things in a little more detail, to spend a little more time, to realise the potential of the possibilities that are in front of us. Enjoy that whenever and however you can.

Image credit: Mathias Reed

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