Wanting More supports businesses and individuals to identify their dreams and create a vision for their futures. We provide the tools to develop action plans to bring dreams to life and strategies to measure the outcomes so each client is equipped to continue becoming more.

Introducing… Johnathan

“Working with senior stakeholders across the business Johnathan helped us design every role within our new organisation to ensure we had a clear, practical picture of what was required. Without his approach I doubt we would have been so successful in delivering our new sales and service function.”

Alison Leslie | Organisation Development Manager

“Johnathan’s coaching has helped me through some difficult times, I came through stronger, learned more and had a great big smile at the end of it. Johnathan has a knack of enabling you to find your own solutions and look at each situation you face without any blinkers on. I will treasure everything I’ve learnt and the skills I’ve gained.”

Cathy Thompson | Team Co-ordinator

Johnathan is a cultural transformational and motivational specialist with two decades of success in directly leading teams, supporting business transformation and driving performance.

Johnathan has worked extensively in the financial services industry in a broad range of disciplines including sales, operations, management, employee relations and training. Johnathan drives cultural transformation programmes by helping businesses develop a culture by design, rather than by default, helping clients understand the drivers behind their organisational culture and designing and delivering blueprints for cultural change.

Johnathan utilised diplomatic leadership skills as a foundation for leading the design and implementation of a cultural transformation programme across an international business, operating in 9 countries. He formulated, executed, and evaluated cross-functional decisions to achieve set objectives.

As a sales specialist, Johnathan has coached and mentored various heads of Customer Service Centres on inbound and outbound sales, and senior field sales leaders on how to motivate front line sales representatives.

Outside the corporate world, Johnathan is passionate about helping others identify their dreams and achieve their goals through one-to-one coaching and mentoring. His inspiring and highly intuitive coaching skills have been sought out by numerous individuals including executives, small business owners and performers.

Johnathan is a blogger and the author of two books, “The Sales Conversation” and “Live The Life You Want” (both available on Amazon).