“Live The Life You Want”

The Guide to Following Your Dreams and Becoming More

Do you have a goal or aspiration that you want to achieve in your life? Do you dream of becoming more than you are today? Do you feel like you are not living the life you want? This book can provide you with the inspiration, motivation and practical advice needed to start living the life you want.

It may be a cliché to say life is short and it’s time to start living it on your terms but, let’s face it, that can be tough. There are many things that get in the way, many reasons why you can’t achieve your dreams while others do. You’ll find that some goals and dreams are easier to achieve than others, while some seem to take a lifetime.

You can do it. You can become more than you are today. You can live the life you want. The only things you have to lose are your frustrations, unhappiness and disappointment. Start today, start now. Dream More, Do More, Become More.




“The Sales Conversation”

Maximising Opportunities for Your Business

Do you want to exceed your sales targets? Do you want your customers to love your products and service? Do you want them to buy more from you? Do you want to build life-long relationships with your clients?

In this bold and exciting new book, Johnathan Laing reveals how the root to increasing your sales and improving customer and employee engagement can be found by changing the conversations you have with your customers.

Johnathan shares his experience of leading and motivating sales teams over the last 20 years and helping them achieve their full potential. Ideally suited to sales leaders, or anyone working in sales who aspires for greater success.

Helpful “pause points” throughout the book will consolidate the learning and spark your own thoughts on improving your sales results.