MAPS – Maximising Activity for Purposeful Success

MAPS is a unique, exciting and energising program of interactive sessions which enable you and your business to identify the specific activities everyone needs to focus on in order to maximise results.

In other words, what does everyone need to focus on to get the best outcomes for your customers, colleagues and business as a whole?

“The sessions Johnathan ran were engaging and energetic, giving us lots of critical insight in to how our behaviours and focus needed to shift to align to our strategy for the future. Johnathan’s style of feeding this back was incredibly emotive, playing the role of the future colleague and highlighting the motivation, focus and drive of this individual. The follow up documents we received were key to us defining our new role profiles and embedding the changes to move our culture forward.”

– Kim Beale, HR Business Partner

An invaluable, engaging  approach to ensure you not only get to understand all aspects of the new roles within your organisation design,  but also get beneath the real heart of what is required from different perspectives. Well worth the investment”

– Alison Leslie, Organisation Development Manager

A MAPS session lets you determine the journey that lies ahead…

A MAPS session helps focus the attention on your company or functional purpose, ensuring activities are aligned to that purpose. It challenges tasks and roles to ensure you have everyone moving in the right direction, whilst undertaking actions to add value to your business.

“…a game changer in helping my senior managers define what they wanted of the various roles in their teams… one of the most useful tools I’ve seen in describing how a new role should look and feel in terms of what the role should do and deliver”

– Tony Kelly, Group Head of Loss Prevention & Compliance

“The MAPS session helped us to break away from what we know now and be future thinking, Johnathan gave us the appropriate level of challenge and facilitated us over the sticking points”

– Allison Lewis, Group Admin Lead

MAPS helps you understand how you will measure that success – so you know what to look for in your people and business outcomes to demonstrate that you are maximising success in everything you do.

“I’ve been used to just designing role profiles and that’s it, but MAPS truly brought the roles to life. The sessions were extremely interactive where everybody was always engaged”

– Adam Juniper, Project Manager

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