Reality Sucks

Reality can sometimes be quite dull. In films, TV programmes, or even the news, reality gets changed and made more dramatic and exciting. It seems that we want the altered, edited and “sexed up” version of reality more than reality itself.

Perhaps this is the reason why so many people get caught up (or caught out) by fake news stories; something that is more sensational than reality is far more exciting.

When a Supreme Court case relating to Britain’s exit from the European Union was televised many people commented on how dull it was. Although this was a momentous and historic case, many on social media complained that it wasn’t as dramatic as fictionalised courtroom dramas they had seen on TV.

The film “Sully” based on the true events of the Hudson River plane crash invented tension and conflict around the subsequent investigation that, according to the real Captain Sullenberger’s accounts, never occurred. The real story wasn’t deemed dramatic enough for Hollywood and had to be embellished.

Are we turning our backs on truth?

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The Cupboard Potato


Did you think I’d got the above phrase wrong?

Cupboard potato?! Surely I must mean couch potato. That’s the phrase most people are familiar with. Generally used in reference to a person who sits lazily, motionless on the couch. As if they were a potato.

I don’t like the phrase; I think it’s unfair to potatoes.

You see, potatoes never just ‘sit there’. It might look like they do, but they are in constant motion. Once out of the ground, with no access to water or nutrients from the soil, they are in a race against time. It may look like they are doing nothing, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Once I was rummaging through a kitchen drawer, in search of something, when I felt something unexpected, something unfamiliar, brush against my hand. A little shocked by the sensation, I withdrew my hand quickly. Clearly, my mind reasoned, there was some rare breed of man-eating spider in the drawer.

However, upon further investigation I found that it was something entirely different. It was a pale tendril, a  sprout from some plant or other. It was huge…

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