The Uniqueness of Uniqueness


We are all unique, in almost every way. From our DNA, to our fingerprints, our eyes, our hair, our personality, our dreams and desires – our uniqueness defines who we are.

Funnily enough, uniqueness is completely ubiquitous, it is present throughout the universe. Everything in the universe is unique. There are no two snowflakes, no two grains of sand, no two clouds in the sky that are exactly the same.

Even manufactured items produced by machines with incredible precision, and which may appear uniform at first glance, contain small differences – albeit microscopic – that make them ultimately unique.

I find this infinite variation in our universe awe-inspiring. Everything should be appreciated for its unique beauty in its own time and place.

The fleeting manner in which we encounter so many elements in our lives – the uniqueness of the human experience – should make it even more precious. Whether it’s a friendship which makes a difference when you need it, a chance moment that pushes your life in a new direction, or the simple crunch of leaves under foot on a crisp autumn day, our lives are filled with uniqueness every single day.

And of course, each day is unique in its own way. We can be guilty sometimes of forgetting this; it can be too easy to forget the unique awesomeness that each day brings, and the endless possibilities contained within it.

It can be easy to brush aside a day as just another day – the same, hum-drum, monotony. We wish away the days so we can get to the weekend or the next holiday, when we can feel alive!

To truly appreciate the gift of the possible, to embrace the uniqueness of our lives, of our experiences and of our potential, we have to take ownership for what can be done, what could happen, what we make possible.

Every day, month and year of your life offers unique opportunities to live life on your terms, to seek happiness and fulfilment. It doesn’t mean it’s easy, but what other option have you got?

Something as unique as your life shouldn’t be wasted, wished away or spent in a rut of unhappiness. Do what you want. Live your life. Be you.

Embrace your uniqueness.

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How Different is Different?

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The world is becoming increasingly diverse, and with it the needs, expectations and demands of the individual. Companies of giant proportions are having to offer an ever-changing variety of channels and product variations in order to meet the individual needs of their customers.

People of a certain age will recall the days when watching TV presented a simple choice of just four channels. These days most people have more than four channels just dedicated to cookery and ten times that many channels devoted to sports and movies!

What people can choose to study at university, the career choices available, the types of car, phone, living space we can have – everything is diversifying. Manufacturers, service providers and designers continue to lurch forwards in a bid to offer something different, something new. Something that the other channel / gadget / car / job didn’t offer.

We have the power to customise virtually every aspect of our lives and we are encouraged to do so because, of course, we are all individuals. We are encouraged to view ourselves as individuals. But how often do we stop to think about what makes us different? What is our unique selling proposition? When you put yourself across in a job interview, what sets you apart from the other candidates? At the end of the year what value have you brought to your business that determines how you performed better – differently – from your colleagues.

How different are you…?

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