“Working with senior stakeholders across the business Johnathan helped us design every role within our new organisation to ensure we had a clear, practical picture of what was required. Without his approach I doubt we would have been so successful in delivering our new sales and service function.”

Alison Leslie | Organisation Development Manager

“Over the last five years I have had the genuinely positive experience of being mentored by Johnathan. His straightforward, clear and inspirational approach means that you leave your meetings full of momentum, enthusiasm and diligence to complete your goals. His sense of humour and communication skills make this experience above all else enjoyable.”

Paul Szulc | Training Consultant

“Johnathan’s coaching has helped me through some difficult times, I came through stronger, learned more and had a great big smile at the end of it. Johnathan has a knack of enabling you to find your own solutions and look at each situation you face without any blinkers on. I will treasure everything I’ve learnt and the skills I’ve gained.”

Cathy Thompson | Team Co-ordinator

“Johnathan has a fantastic ability to understand human behaviours and help people think in a completely different way to achieve their goals and dreams. His mentoring sessions are inspirational, due to his ability to analyse what you are saying to him and his talent of getting you to come up with the answers and advice you are looking for.”

Margaret Mooney | Corporate Social Responsibility Consultant

“Johnathan encourages you to want more. No matter how well you think you are doing, he encourages you to recognise that there is always room for new ideas, thoughts and processes. Johnathan has the gift of being able to motivate you to want to motivate yourself! I consider this to be a true talent.”

M Sunderland | Training Consultant

“Johnathan changed my way of thinking and the way I perceive the business world. This has allowed me to manage my people more effectively, drive business results and deliver great service to our customers. He has shown me the impact great management can have on people. He has instilled in me the desire to take action, to own results and to want more!”

Ian Ruane | Service & Sales Manager